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Linear Referencing Intro to Petro Industry for GIS Techs Fundamentals of ArcGIS for Petroleum Intermediate GIS Concepts for Petroleum
    Introduction to the Petroleum Industry for GIS Techs    
    One Day    
    This course introduces the GIS professional to the petroleum industry with an emphasis on portions of the industry that are managed with GIS. In this course, we discuss exploration, production and development of hydrocarbons, and take a tour of the Houston Energy Exhibit to get a better understanding of seismic data and well production, among other things. Participants will get an understanding of how the key industry data elements are represented in a GIS. What attributes do we store for pipelines? What units are used to measure oil and gas production? What does a well pad look like? How do we represent the surface site, bottom hole location and the full directional survey for wells? How deep are people drilling around the globe? What is a township/section/range line? What do I need to know about NAD27 vs NAD83 and WGS84?    
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    This course is for non-geologists who want to learn more about petroleum geology and the petroleum industry.    
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