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    Advanced Labeling    
    One Day    
    This one-day course teaches students better ways of putting text on a map in ArcGIS. Students learn how to label with multiple label classes, and utilize priority and weight rankings. Tips and tricks to choosing label styles are discussed, as well as using HTML-like tags and VB Script to format labels. The differences between graphic and geodatabase annotation are discussed at length including the options for creating, storing, and modifying this type of text. Maplex is introduced with its pros and cons over standard labels and annotation.    
    Access Full Outline and Prerequisites:    
    This course is for those who are already comfortable with the basics of ArcGIS but who want to learn more about effectively labeling features in ArcGIS 9.3.    
    Students should be familiar with the basic use of ArcGIS, including the topics covered in either the Fundamentals of ArcGIS I or ArcGIS Desktop I classes.    
    Bring Payment to Class or Invoiced After Class.    
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    Contact GISEDGE at (941) 585-1423    
    Course Availability: Contact GISEDGE or Email at training@gisedge.com    
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    On Site Training    
    Classes can be conducted at your site throughout the United States. GISEDGE has a mobile training center that can be brought to your office.    

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