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Training Satisfaction Guarantee


As we navigate our way through these challenging times it feels like no part of our life has been untouched. Most of you have taken training from me in a formal classroom setting, conference short courses, or attended conference sessions I have presented around the country. Over the years I have heard numerous complaints from many of you regarding virtual GIS training courses that some organizations have been presenting and the cost associated with them. I have also resisted this form of training due to the quality of instruction and the information gained. You have had this discussion with me and I understand your concerns as I have also experienced them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you register for one of my courses you will NOT be invoiced for the course until after the training has been completed. If you are not satisfied with the level of instruction and knowledge gained, you will not be invoiced for the course. This will eliminate the concern I have heard over the years where an attendee had a technical issue and they were still charged for the course. Every student will receive one of our hardcopy training manuals. The manuals will include all the lecture materials and exercises covered in class. You will also get all the training data used during the course so you can refresh your memory by completing the exercises months in the future.


Question: Do I need to have the software and training data loaded on my computer?

Answer: No, you do not need software loaded on your computer. The software will be loaded and licensed in the training environment along with all the training data needed for the course you are taking.

Question: What are the requirements for me to take one of these virtual classes.

Answer: All students will need a computer with high speed internet access, no dialup please!!

Virtual Training Course Schedule

All classes limited to 8 – 10 students, any of our classes can be requested and
added to the virtual training schedule.

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Phone: (941) 585-1423

Email Address: training@gisedge.com



We Bring the Training
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State of the art hands-on interactive virtual training environment. No
software, licensing, or data loading required by the students.

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We Offer Customized
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Ask how we can customize our courses using your data.

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Education Credit!

Courses provided by GISEDGE are eligible for education achievement points awarded by the GIS Certification Institute (GISP)


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