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ArcGIS Pro: Quick Start For The GIS Professional - At the introduction of ArcGIS Desktop 10.3 comes a brand new application: ArcGIS Pro. With 64-bit processing, enhanced 3D capabilities, and a whole new interface, ArcGIS Pro promises a wealth of potential for experienced GIS users. This course is designed to help users get up and running in Pro as quickly as possible. Become familiar with the new project structure, understand the intuitive and dynamic interface structure, and learn how to do all of your favorite tasks in a whole new way.
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Fundamentals of ArcGIS- GIS gives you an easy way to get access to the tremendous amounts of data available. At first glance, ArcGIS lets you see this data on a map. But underneath, the software has powerful tools for analyzing the data. With ArcGIS, you can quickly print a bubble map showing crime rates, evaluate parcel values across a city, plan a location to open a new branch of your business, or explore a site for potential environmental issues. This course helps you understand the types of data that ArcGIS supports, and how to manipulate the data. For example, you will learn how to connect to an Excel spreadsheet that has GPS location data in it. This class is the first step in learning to incorporate this valuable application into your daily workflows.
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Intermediate GIS Concepts - ArcMap can do so much more than simple map display and navigation. It has many tools for answering questions with the data you already have. Take your ArcGIS skills to a new level by learning to manage your data. Create new files and modify existing ones. Combine existing data into new datasets to show information in one table. Discover the immense functionality available in ArcToolbox. Take your map layouts to the next level with enhanced labels, new techniques for layouts. Make use of some lesser known features of ArcMap, like seeing animations of schools being place over a century of time, link parcels to other documents like deeds, and attach photographs to road hazard locations.ee-day course expands upon a basic GIS foundation. Students will learn more techniques for importing, using, and displaying GIS data, and will also be introduced to editing data and using ArcToolbox.
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